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My friend had a baby boy (6 weeks early)!

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We got the call at 5:30am. A very good friend of mine, who was due only 10 days before me, had a 4lbs 9oz baby boy via emergency c-section last night (6 weeks early)! Baby boy (yet to be named) and Mamma are doing well, he's breathing on his own. He'll be in the hospital for about a month they expect.

My heart has broken a little for her though, as she hasn't seen him yet. Her c-section was a bit sloppy, due to the urgency of it, so she has a t-shape incision as opposed to the neat bikini line one. The whole ballgame has changed for them, this is nothing like any of us dreamed of. And I'm just sooooo glad that they are both healthy.

I'm a bit shaken up, because so far we have gone through each step in our pregnancies together. She's in another town, 3.5hrs away, so I can't go visit. I just sent her some flowers this morning, and hope to talk to her soon.

Anyhow, just wanted to share and ask for some good thoughts for Mamma and Baby Boy B.!
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Sending good thoughts her way and yours too.

Glad baby and Mama are doing well.

Don't get too shaken up and take care of yourself. :)
That is a good size for 6 weeks early! Bigger than 2 of mine and they were 5 weeks early (now 16 and 15 yrs old!) Prayers for Mommy and Baby Boy on the way! Prayers for you too Jo (although you get a special prayer for unborn babies everyday as does Regina).
That's a good size for being 6 weeks early! I wonder if they had her due date wrong. I'm glad to hear they're both doing well, that's the most important thing! :)
Good thoughts for mom and babe.

And good thoughts for you too, Jo!

My friend went through a less than stellar delivery a month before I had Cameron. It does shake you up. Just keep thinking positive. :)
Sending good thoughts and prayers for your friend her little baby boy. Good thoughts and prayers for you too Jo, for a happy, healthy rest-of-your-pregnancy!! Can't wait to meet your little one!
Sending good thoughts their way!
I'm glad to hear baby and mom are doing good hopefully he gets to come home soon.
My cousin's gf delivered their baby a month early via c-section due to preclamsia (sp?) baby was on feeding tube and O2 for a week but he's went from 5lbs 9oz to over 9 lbs in just over a month and is adorable as can be.
Good thoughts for your friend!
Good thoughts and prayers for mom and baby.
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