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Hi guys it's your pal Happy! Or as my mom likes to sing "Happy-doodle kinda day" Not sure what that's about but she's my Mom and I lubs her lots!!

My mom said I've gotten a bit thick as I am now at 99lbs and she says she's gotten a bit thick (I'm not allowed to say her weight). So we are starting Mom and Happy time!

We get to go to the woods park that is a block away from our house! It is one of my favorite places now! Mom says it will help us lose that thickness we've aquired and I get to have fun and have ALONE time with my mom!! What can be better than that? It's nice and quiet there and there are LOTS of rabbits to chase and the best part is that its shaded and there is a HUGE lake to cool off in!! My mom won't let me be off leash yet though. :( She says we don't know the trail yet, that she needs me to chase off the buzzing bugs around her head, oh and she says my recall when bunnies are concerned is not very desirable.
So now me and my mom are on diets as well and that means green beans for me! NOM NOM NOM. We also get to start staying there longer and longer as we get use to it she says!! Also she said when we get use to it we'll start going twice a day!! Once in the morning before Shane goes to work and then again in the evening after supper time!!

This is great! I'm really excited about this!

Here is a picture my mom took of me today. She said she's going to post a picture a week to track our progress.

She was going to take a picture of me lounging in the lake but the batteries popped out of her camera somewhere along our trail, we thought it was when I tried to chase the rabbit, but we looked all over there and couldn't find it. She says she'll make sure she doesn't lose them tomorrow!!

Now I'm a very tired boy and think I shall go take a nap, this Happy and Mom time is rather tiring!!

Oh my Mom said that Laura helped her out with the diet and exercise so I'm suppose to thank her....

So THANK YOU AUNTIE LAURA I loves you lots!!
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