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Up a 6:45. Way too early for Sunday but I was rested and ready to rise.

Get coffee
Log in to JL
Feed dogs at 8:00
More JL
Shower and get dressed for day
Run load of laundry
Fold load from dryer
Vacuum entire house
Scrub bathroom (see other thread ::) )
Sweep kitchen floor
Poop patrol in the RHG
Kick soccer ball around for Flynn - not much interest there... too hot already
Back to JL
Switch laundry over, fold some more
Return to RHG to cut the cane back
Trash four huge piles of cane

Come inside at 1:00 and announce "That's it for me today! What are you gonna do with your Sunday, Tud?" He's mowing the RHG now. 8)

And so here I am for the rest of the day.

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Got to sleep in till 7:00. A rarity. The sun is shining & that's good. Just cleaning a little & paying bills. :( I love relaxing Sundays.
Especially since we were out in the rain all day yesterday. Abby was in a hunt test. But it was worth it....she got a pass. ;)

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up at 4:30- shower and dress
get kids up at 5:20
feed kid quick breakfast
6:30 leave for mass
7:00 mass done by 7:40 (Thats why I like that mass it's worth the 30 minute drive to the church)
8:00 am arrive at youngest track meet
8:30-9:30 work the conession stand (yuck!)
1:00 home from meet feed family lunch
1:30 start 1st of 4 loads of laundry (dear daughter will help fold and put away)
2:00 glass of wine ;)
2:27 here I am and I will be in and out of JL for the rest of the day, only thing left to do is make dinner (left over stirfry).

Gotta love sundays!

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8:15 get up. Boomer wants to lay in bed with Daddy so I let him while I go downstairs and log onto JL. Make a pot of coffee.

9:00 go up to investigate...what are the boys up to? Both still sleeping soundly. I say GET UP! Boomer wants to go outside.

Get back on JL, drink some more coffee. Too late to go to the 10:00 church service, so decide on the 11:30.

11:30 church

12:30 Lowes

1:30 lunch and then begin work on the Great Kitchen Flooring Project.

I am now done (for now) and we're getting ready to take Boomer to the beach. :) :)

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You all were so industrious! I have been dragging my bones along at a pitiful pace;

Up until 2 am (that's right, 2 am) with the screamers.
Back up at 7 am for bottles
Walk Mickey
Made Breakfast for DD and DH, feed boys mush
Walk Mickey
Clean Kitchen
JL for a few minutes
Fall asleep fixing hole in DD's favorite dress-up outfit
Lunch for all
Walk Mickey (Mickey won't pee unless he gets an up-and-back through the neighborhood)
Finally get a cup of coffee, and read/write on JL
(See above)
Do multiple loads of laundry while straightening up for Merry Maids
Walk Mickey
Clean giant poop mess on DS2 when the prunes finally work
Outfit change for DS2
DS1 barfs on Dad while doing wild game of 'flying baby'
Outfit change for DS1, DH is on his own (serves him right...I warned him)

DH just took DD to playground to ride bike on trails and play, I am hoping to get the boys and Mickey together for a walk at Hammonassett and kill two birds with one stone, (exercise for me and ****, fresh air for the boys) but we'll see.
I still have a toy round-up, a shoes round-up, folding and putting away about 60+ lbs of laundry, and stripping beds to get done before I go. Oh, and I'm still typing this...which puts me back about 5 minutes :(

Tonight is a Red Wine night for sure.

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Lets seee today...(yesterday was more fun lol)

I woke up around 7am
let the pups out
fed the pups
let the pups out again
toasted poptarts for breakfast
about 8:30am/took molly for a walk
about 9 am went and played with my little man preston and chatted with tina (his mom)
helped my dad dig a hole to bury a hose in
went to the hardware store and got pvc pipe to put the hose in so it doesn't get nasty
buried the hose/pvc pipe
called comcast to yell at them because our internet wasn't working
got internet working
checked JL
went back to tina's and chatted for a while...
brought preston to my trailer and ate hot dogs
organized the shed
swept the porch
said goodbye to tina, rob and preston
filled in a hole molly dug yesterday (haha)
swept the sand out of the trailer
mopped the floor
and now here i sit checking out JL while the dogs chill outside (i love that i can see whatever they do from the sofa haha)

...in about 20 minutes I'll pack up my stuff and the dogs stuff and around 4'ish we'll hit the road for home :( i'm so enjoying myself down here

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Wow! You all are making me feel like a slug!

Up at 6am
Potty dogs
Feed dogs
Potty dogs again
Made coffee for hubby, tea for me
Threw one load of laundry in wash (which reminds me, I really need to switch it over!
10:30am, went to neighbors for our monthly brunch.
Drank 2 mimosas
Ate heavenly french toast casserole (Paula Deen recipe)
Chatted until mimosa buzz wore off
Hubby drove me to the grocery store (still buzzed!)
Now, tired as all heck.
Note to self: You are not as young as you used to be! Save the alcohol consumption for nighttime hours......

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we got up about 6:45 am, after deciding whether to make breakfast or go out
showered and dressed
on JL for a few minutes
went out for breakfast
came back home
back on JL
washed a load of laundry
talked about Golden puppy we met from a rescue yesterday - decided we want another Lab and nothing else will do right now
went outside and cleaned out hosta and flower beds
back inside, cold pizza for lunch
dried laundry, folded Bill's things
on computers again, in and out of JL
got two of Shadow's toys and a frisbee for Bill to take back to Louisville
Bill showered again and finished packng
took him to the airport
came home and here I am

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Busy Sundays, everyone!

Did most of my chores and all of my errands yesterday, so it's a nice "sorta" relaxing Sunday here.

Got up at 5
Beach at 6:15 (yay...the sun wakes up early too!) Stayed 2 hours.

Sister-in-law & BIL visiting...did short chat when I got home

Went to see mom

Made a bunch of soft-boiled eggs and fried rice for breakfast this week

Zoe's towels in the laundry

Packed a box for mailing to someone 8)

Right now...dishwasher running, so later, unload the dishwasher, finish Zoe's towels, iron, clean air con filters, wipe down kitchen counters w/clorox wipes

then I get to rest and look through the new issue of Gourmet magazine.

Dinner tonight is baked beans/mac cheese (made yesterday!) :) and hotdogs.

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I feel so guilty

Slept till 8:30 (but I couldn't fall asleep so at 4am I was just going to bed)
8:40 fed Cinnamon and left sliding door open so she could go in and out at will
8:50 closed her outside long enough to sweep and damp mop family room kitchen
9:00 sit down with glass of juice and a bowl of strawberries and toast outside what her butt tuck around.
9:30 come in read the paper and JL
10:00 fall asleep in recliner after shutting slider
11:30 we both wake up and I start a load of laundry
12:30 go to Taco Bell
1:00 till now play on computer and read JL
I think I am off to put laundry in dryer and take 2nd nap (I did all my chores yesterday and dinner is going out for Italian Food

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8:10 Alarm Sounds
8:30 Get up, take Buddy out, feed Buddy, dress for church
10-12 Sunday School, Church
12:30 Get home start roast for dinner
1:00 Check into JL
1:30 Race starts
5:37 I still here watch the end of the race and checking in and out of JL

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630-230: Workworkworkwork. I hate Sunday shifts. *pout*
230-rest of the day: Chores, walk dogs and make dinner. And prep for long talk with Daddy dearest.

Glad you're having a good Sunday, Nance. :)

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6.45 - get up, let dogs out, put a load of washing on, empty dishwasher, get breakfast, on JL for a while.
7.45 - shower, get ready for work, wake Blue up and get into car.
8.15 - leave for work
8.45 - 2 - work (last 45 mins was Blue getting his acupuncture)
2.30 - home, drop off Blue.
2.45 - at sister's for coffee
3 - 7.30 - painting at rental property
7.45 - home for dinner, veg out in front of TV
11.30 - on JL quickly
11.50 - to bed
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