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Today at the vet she was down a couple pounds *sigh* but doing okay.
We have had success with a diet and NOT one I would normally advocate for a canine.
We had been giving her cottage cheese, cooking rice for her and a few times a week sweet potatoes. Before I left for Potomac I had Blair start giving her half a sample package of Natural Balance Vegitarian food and we had NO inflamitory bowel blowouts!!!!!!!!!!
She is now eating almost a cup of the Veggie kibble and still getting rice and cottage cheese. So far so good. Coat staying healthy.

The other side of it.....she just seems to not be as active but still a VERY happy dog. Today at the clinic Blair just carried her in and the teck who drew blood (and someone I know well) looked up at me while she was on the floor and I could see her eyes starting to well up. All I could say was "I know...Our time is precious right now".

She is still happy, eats like a horse, can still RUN in the house when its dinner time LOL .... So I think she will be her for just a little while longer.
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