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If you've never read the comic you will love it. Especially if you have a thing for Hugh Jackman...lots of rippling muscles and shirtless scenes. :D

Goes back to the 1840s when Logan's (Wolverine) powers (healing, sense of smell and the bone claws)first manifested as a child and he and his brother, Victor (who also has similar powers), take off on their own. Interesting thing about healing powers...you don't age. So 150 years and several wars later...the 2 are recruited to a special forces team run by a man named Stryker. Only Logan doesn't like Stryker's rules and orders to kill innocents and he ditches the team.

Logan finds love and makes an honest living until the team comes back for him...forcefully. He agrees to reteam with Stryker and go through the procedure to have the adamantium (indestructible metal from a meteor) grafted to his entire body (thus the metal claws y'all are used to) and then all hell breaks loose.

If you have read the comic? It stays close to the early timeline and then veers off into Hollywood land...Deadpool was perfect in the beginning...and then I don't know WTF that was at the end. And finally! Gambit makes an appearance in an Xmen movie (THIS IS WHO REMY IS NAMED AFTER - Remy "The rajun cajun" Lebeau aka Gambit) and I am pleased with the casting...though Josh Holloway still would have been perfect.

Lost of action...great special effects and a touching story of how the man became the Wolverine.

'Nuff said. SNIKT.

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