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Movie: Traitor

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Every time I see Don Cheadle he impresses me even more with his talent. He plays a devout Muslim who is also a bomb expert. He's helping a terrorist group acquire timing devices when they are caught by the U.S. military. The FBI try to talk him into helping them in exchange for clearance to come to America (he has a U.S. passport), but he wants no part of it. The terrorists in the prison think he turned on them and shun him. He eventually wins back their trust and joins their group in earnest. But his religious beliefs are conflicting with how the terrorist group are interpreting those same beliefs. Meanwhile the FBI is trying to catch this group to stop their next attack...and trying to hone in on Don Cheadle.

Phenomenal performance by Don Cheadle. He is just riveting to watch. His character has so many different layers from the many different lives he has led and you can watch it in his eyes.

Highly recommend. 4 1/2 STARS
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