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Clive Owen and Naomi Watts. Interpol is investigating an international bank which is using its investments to fund coups and missile sales. Now, I love a good thriller and don't mind a complicated plot. But when a movie is just looking for ways to have its characters hook up and explain the plot to you...its too complicated folks. There was no "aha! I figured it out" moment because they had to explain it to you and make big jumps in the puzzle-solving. And I'm sorry, but you get hit by a car that hard? Limp a little Naomi. Or maybe wince when you lift that purpley-bruised are a few times.

That being said - the final shoot-out scene where they DEMOLISH the Guggenheim museum was fun. The round arches made hiding places and I took an evil joy in seeing the place riddled with bullet holes. :)

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