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Do NOT view this movie if you need a plot driven, or action, or mystery or thriller film.

This is a movie that shows real peoples' reactions to monumental personal events. It's actually a documentary, in a sense, but re-staged to recreate the actual events.

DO view this movie if you enjoy the depiction of realistic reactions to significant events.

Below is the "User Comment" (review) I just submitted on www.imdb.com :

The editor of the very important French fashion magazine Elle,
Jean-Dominique Bauby, had a stroke at the age of 43 which resulted in
his having "locked-in syndrome" -- while he could hear, remember, feel?,
he lost all ability to speak, move, etc., except for moving his left
eye and blinking it. One of his therapists (speech or occupational
therapist -- I think OT) used that to devise a way of his accepting or
rejecting letters she pronounced for him to form words and sentences.
Using that technique, he "dictated" the book of the same title on which
this movie is based.

The movie gives marvelous looks at French culture, parts of the medical
system in France, and in particular, at the roles of caring therapists
with their patients.

The film narrates Jean-D's treatment, his initial despair at feeling as
if he's locked in a diving bell and his gradual rising above that and
writing his book. Along the way there are flashbacks of his earlier
relationships. As a retired clinical psychologist, I found all the
psychological reactions and relations quite accurately depicted. The
camera work showing the world from Jean-D's viewpoint makes one feel
almost inside him; a voice-over reveals his inner thoughts as the world
interacts with him.

All the actors were great and the movie was certainly deserving of
winning the Oscar for best foreign film (2007).

Not a thriller or mystery with a fast pace but a very touching view of
real life and real people. My eyes were glistening at the end.

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I've seen this movie. I can't imagine living like that...especially being that young with a full life and younger children. It has to be awful. :( It was pretty great how him and the therapist worked together on a way to communicate though. It was a really interesting movie.

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That was an amazing film. It was devastating seeing the flashbacks showing you what a vivacious man he was and then to see him set in stone...I couldn't imagine. And the fact that he was able to dictate his book is just astounding! It is amazing what you can overcome.
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