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So we got this from Netflix after seeing a preview. Michael Rappaport (most of you may remember him as Phoebe's cop boyfriend from Friends?) plays Les, a comic book reading meter maid (man?), who has signed up for an experiment drug test. The drug, called "Special", is supposed to help a person feel happier and more confident by removing self-doubt. Okay. Sounds like a great idea. However...

Les has a wierd reaction to the medication and loses all doubt that...he has super powers. Quitting his job to become a full time superhero - Les has a hard time convincing those around him of his abilities. When people from the "Special" drug company start trying to get him to sto taking the medication he becomes convinced they are out to take his powers.

Very different. Now I know where those weird looking guys lurking in the corners of the subway come from. LOL. We enjoyed it.Give it a try....

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