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Nicole Kidman and (sigh) Hugh Jackman.

The year is 1939. Brit Kidman comes to Australia to find her husband murdered and needs take over their cattle ranch (Faraway Downs) and get the cattle sold to the British military. This is ticking off the family that owns all the other ranches in the area and wants to corner the beef market. The ranchers leave Faraway Downs and Kidman hires Jackman to help her get the cattle to Darwin for delivery by the deadline. Meanwhile Kidman has become attached to the half black/half white local boy who helps them on their journey. Kidman must face threats from the other cattle owners, war and discrimination against the boy she cares for to make a new life of her own in Australia.

Lighter than I expected considering the topics tackled in the film. And it is long at almost 3 hours. Sweet thru-line running in the background of The Wiz of Oz and "no place like home". Breathtaking landscapes.

But honestly? The best part of the movie was when Hugh Jackman is washing himself down and pours a bucket of water over his sudsy head and chest....what? It was Oscar worthy I tell ya! :D

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