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Out on DVD

I guess I would best describe this as a hard-core Heroes. Govt.agency (blandly named The Division) has been doing experiments on people on developing abilities such as telekinesis, esp and seeing into the future. But their attempts to improve abilities via a drug is killing them off.

But then one girl is injected and doesn't die from the drug...and then escapes the facility with a sample of the drug. And the hunt is on. Dakota Fanning plays a "Watcher" (can see the future) who turns to Chris Evans (Johhny Storm from Fantastic 4) who is a Pusher (can move things with his mind) and they try to evade Division Sniffs and trackers to rescue this girl.

I thought it was really cool. The fight sequence between the two pushers was brutal. And watching the Watchers sketch out the future and try to manipulate each other was interesting. They just kind of throw you in the middle and let you figure out what's going on and who's doing what instead of giving you a ton of back story. Which I loved. We've all seen the X-Men or Heroes...we know what's going on...thanks for going right to the plot!

Fun rental...hope they make a sequel...

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