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Cute comedy starring Greg Kinnear, Tea Leoni and Ricky Gervais (creator and star of the original The Office) about a people-hating dentist (Gervais) who can suddenly see ghosts in NYC after a medical procedure. Once the ghosts realize he can see them they begin to harrass him to help them with their worldy unfinished business. Among the ghosts is Kinnear who is trying to break up the engagement of his widow, Leoni. Gervais, despite lacking in any people skills whatsoever gives it a go just to get Kinnear to leave him alone.

Some really funny moments as only Gervais can pull off - his comedic timing is impeccable. And the hair-styling sequence is hilarious! However...I felt this could have been funnier. I thought they made Gervais so despicable in the beginning that it was hard to warm up to him.

Nice middle-ground comedy.

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