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Foreign with Subtitles - Japanese

Daigo is a cellist whose orchestra disbands. In debt and unsure of what to do, he sells his cello and his wife agrees to move from Tokyo back to his home town to live in the house his mother left him. He answers a vague employment ad for "Departures" and he thinks its for a travel agency. But no. It is to work with a casketer. Japanese have a cultural disdain foranyone who work with the dead. Even the undertakers don't touch the bodies. They hire these casketers who come in and perform the ritual of preparing the body for the journey. So Daigo begins nervously to find out what the job is about and keeps it a secret from his wife.

It is a beautiful soothing ceremony of cleansing and respect done before the family so they may say goodbye. Particularly the preparation of Naomi. Had me weeping.

But his wife finds out what his new job is and Daigo has to decide if this is a job that he is fated to do or will he quit to appease his wife?

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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