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Daniel Craig (the new James Bond) and Liev Shreiber play 2 of 4 brothers during WWII who escape from the massacre of Jewish families in Poland. They hide out in the forest and slow band together with other survivors. The other surviors trickle in with news of other massacres and they begin to realize that they are being exterminated. Determined to survive the brothers take different sides on how this should be done. Shreiber wants revenge and goes to fight with the russians. Craig stays behind as leader trying to get their colony through the winter.

Based on the true-story of Jewish refugees who lived in the forest for several years. Boys become men, girls become women, tough choices are made for survival. Illness sweeps through the camp and medicine is desperately needed. Food runs out and missions need to be run to beg, borrow and steal from local non-Jewish farmers who are afraid of sympathizing with the Jews. And the fear of their camp being found by the SS is always present. But the community bonded by faith and sacrifice struggles to make it to the end of the war.

Highly recommend.

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