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**I also posted this in LC, but I know Sunday evening is a slow night so I figured it couldn't hurt to put it over here as well.**

About 2 days ago I noticed a small cut above Molly's right eye. Called the vet and he told me to keep it clean, and put a little neosporin on 2x a day. I've been doing just that and other than a scab the cut looks fine. She keeps rubbing at it ( I guess maybe it itches) so the scab is kind of coming off.

A few hours ago she was rubbing her eye against the sofa, and I noticed her other eye (the one that has NO boo-boo above it) is watery. It is a clear discharge, the eye isn't red and I can't see anything in it. I was going to take her into the vet tomorrow when I get off work (I work 6am-10am tomorrow), should I be worried? aka should I take her to the ER vet? The area just under her eye is all wet from the discharge, I've wiped it with a warm compress, but it's definitely still watering.

Always something!
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