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I just wanted to say what a good boy my Sam is. I took him to the vet yesterday to get his staples out from his puncture wound (original story here:
http://forum.justlabradors.com/showthread.php?t=2320 ). I thought it was hard going somewhere with the baby until I tried going somewhere with Sam and the baby.

Anyway, he sat nicely in the car while I got his leash on, stayed when told him to stay while I opened the door, and he waited until I told him ok to get out. This is a major accomplishment for Sam, who has an extremely difficult time containing his enthusiasm. Then, when the vet tech brought him to me after removing his staples, she said how good he was, and that it was rare that a big dog will hold still enough for just one person to remove staples.

I love my boy. He always tries to be so good. Not like his brother (but I still love Bodie too).
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