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MIL had to go in for surgery to repair/reenforce the bone her hip replacement rested on. If she had waited another week the bone would have cracked and we would have had a whole other conversation!

They inserted a cadaver bone and attached it to her leg bone with 7 wires and this will eliminate pain and eventually graft onto her bone and strengthen the attachment.

She is doing well and wondering what is going on with the dogs........

All 4, Fanny, Eddie, Windsor and JJ, eat when she gets downstairs about 10 AM. This is also when Fanny and Eddie go out for the first time of the day. Windsor follows her around like the proverbial shadow. If MIL isn't around he makes do with me.

Surgery was yesterday so we were all stressed out wondering what the heck was going on. She didn't get to recovery until 7 and the surgeon, having followed us around the hospital and missed us, called us at 9 to tell us all was well. Dogs were following us around also...

11pm we go to bed. Windsor and JJ usually go up earlier but now they have no one to go up with. Now what? Fanny gets up onthe bed as usual, Win and JJ are up in the living rom at the front door waiting for her barking at every wisp of wind that blew by. 12.30 am I got them, all 4, up onthe bed and had a stern chat - time to go to bed, MOm-Mom isn't coming home, deal with it. fell asleep to the tuen of JJ at the front door yapping and Eddie going up to keep him company.

Eddie sleeps all over the house so this was not unusual. 2.30am I wake up and there are all 4 on the bed snoring, except Windsor - he was lying on the edge of the bed beside SU with one ear up and one eye open - I saw the eye in my mind.....

6.30 am - SU wakes me up for work and all 4 were lying up so close to me that, if I had moved, I would have caused physical harm! Windosr on the edge beside me, Fannh in her usual spot and Eddie, with JJ curled up very close, beside my head......... 7.30 am this mornig they all eat! heavens, this is unknown! AND they go out! OMG whose dogs are these?

No one got a good night's sleep, hopefully we all will tonight, the pacing isn't so bad thank goodness. Let's hope all will be well in the morning............
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