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Hi there!

I am so sorry I haven't been checking in. I just finished a 6 week, 4 credit hour, senior class and it kicked my "you know what". That class is over now and hopefully my last two classes won't be so intense.

Anyway, Miles and I finally tried real AKC obedience this month. We went to Cleveland All Breed in March and got our first two novice obedience legs there. We had good scores too, 198 1/2 and 197 respectively. I was thrilled! Yesterday, we went to YABTC and got that third leg earning the CD title! I was very happy. The off-leash heeling left much to be desired but we scored 184 1/2 and still qualified and that's what matters :D!! We did go back to today and scored better on all exersizes. We have a 192 going until he broke his sit. Well, dogs will be dogs, I guess. I am learning things every time I enter the ring. I was watching my tape from this morning and I have decided I have to stop looking like a child being punished when we are heeling. No wonder Miles looks for ways to mentally escape :eek: when I am walking around looking like that! LOL!!

Susan, thanks for your kind advice when at the various places we meet. I really do appreciate the tips and advice I get from the more experienced out there.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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