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Midnight is home and seems pretty normal..go figure. Vet said the mole came off with no problems and we have to wait a couple of weeks before the biopsy comes back.

Midnight's blood work showed a slight elevation in the thyroid. Vet said we could let it go and cheeck it again in 6 months, or have a more detailed thyroid panel done, so I opted for that. I forgot when she said those results would be in, but hopefully it will be here by the time I have to take Midnight back for follow up and to remove the sutures.

We had some kibble, pottied, and are now asleep under my bed. lol. I'm glad today is over. I always get kind of antsy when they have to put them under anesthesia. But we're home and all is right with the world again. I sure missed the little feline. Home just wasn't the same today.
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