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Last year we had several dozen tall, skinny pines cut down behind our house. At "PineFest" 08, we invited our trusty group of local college kids out to help cut them up and haul them to a ravine at the side of our house. There the logs stayed until yesterday, when we had "FireFest" to burn them up.After letting the local firechief know what we were planning, we set to work. Our HS chemistry teacher friend came out early to help prep some exciting reactants to start the fire, then some things to throw on the fire later to produce some colorful effects - which unfortunately( or unfortunately) didn't work, and we resorted to kerosene to start the fire. Because we've had a lot of rain, and bascially built the fire over a small stream, we didn't get the burn results that we wanted, but I think that everyone had a good time. The dogs were very happy to have people outside all day with them and everyone enjoyed a good homecooked meal.

The chemist at work in the shop

Carefully preparing the "stuff"

SU resorts to good-ole kerosine

A nice fire is produced

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