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Hi there! You might know me as MontanaSquatcher13 from CampingRoadTrip, MiniGoatsRule from BackYard Herds, MixedFlocksRule13 from BackYard Chickens, JackWabbit13 from BinkyBunny, Chinchillaville13 from Chins n' Hedgies, MyGoatsAreWeirdDogs13 from The Goat Spot, LizardLover13 from Our Reptile Forum, Hayes H. from The Dyrt, AnimalLovingIdiot13 from PetForums, and probably somebody from something else that I'm forgetting.

I live in Montana with lots of pets, including 2 goats, 5 chickens, a lab, a griffon, a cat, a holland lop rabbit, a chinchilla, 3 horses, a herd of cattle, and 2 pet rocks. I love animals and started a pet zoo.

Not really, but...

Anyway, I joined because of our lab, Gunner. I thought it'd be cool to join a forum for that. I will also be getting another lab this summer, his name is Trip.

I look forward to seeing you guys around!
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