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We have a nest of baby robins at our office! :) The nest is on a ledge on the underside of our front porch, right by our reception room window!

We watched Momma robin painstakingly build this nest over and over again (she would bring the nesting material up to the ledge and place it, only to have it blow away in the wind. :().

We named the babies (2 males, 1 female... there was another but we haven't seen it in days :()... the big beasty male is Ollie, the smaller male that the big beasty male likes to sit on is Henery, and the small female is Rhonda.

Ollie and Henery were stretching their wings yesterday and we're hoping that they'll take their first flight soon! All of our patients (and us too!) love to peer out the window and watch our little feathery family. :)
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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