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Meet Ace! (Grand-dog, 4 pics)

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Holy crap is he cute!!!!! Tucker settled right in with him and helped himself to Aces' basket of toys & bones. Little Ace got pissed a couple of times and yipped at him, it was cute! I'm in love.... :D

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He's adorable! Really cute and he does look like a little fox.
Adorable. Amy- were you surprised at how much he actually looks like a fox?
Yes, Sam! More surprised, I think, at how small he is! Their cat towered over him. :laugh:
So smart too, 12 weeks and already sits & downs on command!
Red x's here -- can't wait to see the li'l nipper from home.......
eeeee!! he's so freaking cute!!

Do you know why they picked that breed?
I would have taken more but of course the batteries went on my camera when I was there.
Stace, ever since Jared was little he has wanted an Akita. I guess this is the mini version of that. :happy:
Awwwwwwww, they're sooooooooo cute!!!!!! :-* :-*
That is one fine looking little guy!
Awww what a cutie! :-*
He is just the definition of the word cute!
He's way too cute!
Eeeeek! What a little doll. :D
He's adorable. Is he a Shiba Inu? I know someone at work that does rescue for them.
Awww he's a cutie! I like his color :happy:

How does he get along with your other pups? Hopefully the yipping will be kept to a minimum for your sake! :laugh:
Yup Pam, he's a Shiba Inu. :D

How does he get along with your other pups?
We only brought Tucker with us to meet him, and we went to their house. I think 4 would be a crowd at this point! :crazy:
1 - 20 of 30 Posts
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