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I'm finally halfway through last season. Yes, I'm very far behind. Jason and I have watched 12 episodes since this weekend! (That includes the final 4 of the PREVIOUS season.)

Is it just me or do you get frustrated at Allison?

Every single time. Dream 1, a tiny bit of info. Dream 2, a little bit more. And so on until 3 or 4 dreams in she finally has, or can piece together, the whole picture. It's NEVER who it looks like in the first dream.

Yet! Every single episode she's convinced after dream 1 that she knows exactly what happened. One of the last two we watched she said 'You'd think I would learn' and Jason and I both said 'YES!' :laugh:
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i always laughs when she gasps when waking up.. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME
I liked it the first season but got bored with it pretty quickly.
LOL...I watch it, and I like it. My hubby on the other hand, he sleeps beside me and pretends to watch.
It is probably the most formulaic show on the tube - but I watch it too. My husband laughs when she sits up in bed like that - I have been known to do the same, sometimes while screaming.
I only watch it occasionally. What I can't understand is that the husband Joe always seems so grouchy and judgemental. I'd have kicked him out before the first daughter.
Really? I find him the complete opposite. Very understanding and supportive.
I guess that I don't watch it enough, then.
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