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Where can I find a list of upcoming matches? I know that infodog has a list online, but is there anywheres else? While at class tonight, someone mentioned she use to get a book that listed all the upcoming matches, but she forgot where she use to get it from...any thoughts?

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I have no idea - it seems like you have to find out from clubs within driving distance for you - I would call or e-mail all clubs around you and ask if they hold any matches.
Thanks, I will do that!
I would definately find out what clubs are near you and then contact them. Sanctioned clubs are required by AKC to hold one B Match every year. They tend to be at the same time every year, just the way their shows are the same time each year.

Check with your local training clubs and facilities as they'll often do a Show N Go or a Run through, which is mostly just a training opportunity but set up like a show so that you get the experience.
This is the publication that she probably was talking about.http://www.matchshowbulletin.com/

You have to subscribe to it by mail.......... can't access it online except old issues.
That might be it.....I know she said it came either monthly or every other month....and she had to pay for it. I will look into that. Thanks So Much!!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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