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Marrow Bone Comas

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I went to the butcher today and he sold me 6 nice size marrow bones for 4 bucks!!! I walked in and got semi-assaulted as they smelled the goodies in the bag. Forget putting them away for another day, they had to have one NOW!
Each Lab takes their bone and runs off to a different part of the house. Ruby does this celebratory strut before she goes off to hunker down with her bone.

After 2 hours of total peace and quiet, they are now in a marrow bone coma.... eyes rolled back, tongues hangin' out and unable to move let alone go out. Marrow bones must equate to doggy margaritas.
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I've also found that the dogs are pretty good about cleaning up the gunk, but I do make them lay on towels or go outside so that it's not all over the carpets. I guess I could make them gnaw on them in the kitchen, too.
Most of the "marrow bones" are actually chopped up femur bones that have marrow in the middle. The ones Abbey (and I) prefer are called "knuckle" bones, which are from the joint area and are much softer. :)
LOL Julie. But once they are cleaned up they aren't nearly as gross - just looks like a white, hard bone with stuff in the middle. :)
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