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Marrow Bone Comas

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I went to the butcher today and he sold me 6 nice size marrow bones for 4 bucks!!! I walked in and got semi-assaulted as they smelled the goodies in the bag. Forget putting them away for another day, they had to have one NOW!
Each Lab takes their bone and runs off to a different part of the house. Ruby does this celebratory strut before she goes off to hunker down with her bone.

After 2 hours of total peace and quiet, they are now in a marrow bone coma.... eyes rolled back, tongues hangin' out and unable to move let alone go out. Marrow bones must equate to doggy margaritas.
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Yeah, can someone post a picture of one of these things? I'm not much of a meat eater and have never talked to a butcher. I kind of want to know what I'm talking about before I ask him. :)
Okay, that totally grossed me out....that's one of the reasons I don't eat a lot of meat. I don't like to see it or touch it in the raw form. If I eat it, it can't look like it came from an animal, LOL!
When they get to the coma state, Judy grabs every one else's and has four bones around her, marrow in all of them, long gone.

I can't understand how anyone with labs can be grossed out about anything. I have seen my dogs:
eat cat poop
vomit then eat it
eat someone elses vomit
swallow a live chipmunk whole
roll in dead, decaying anything
roll in wild animal poop
eat live new born bunnies
eat garbage
And I still kiss them and sleep with them. I'm immune to gross.
Haha, I'm immune to gross most of the time, including most of the things you mentioned above, but I'm really mental about eating animal products that look still look like animals, haha. I never eat meat off of a bone, never eat steak.
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