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A neighbor 2 houses over on the opposite side of the street got a pit puppy about 6 months ago. The first time I encountered him walking it, I kept Buddy on the opposite side of the street because it was quite young and I figured it may not have all it's shots yet, etc.
About a month or so ago, we ran into them again - also on opposite sides of the street. Buddy acted like a wild man as he usually does when he sees someone walking a dog so we each kept our distance from one another.
I just encountered the neighbor outside washing his truck when I walked Buddy. He commented on how cute he still is for an old guy, etc. etc. and proceeded to tell me his dog was diagnosed with some kind of mange. He said he never saw anything on the dog but for some reason or another had taken him to the vet and it was diagnosed. Supposedly he is totally cured now and is no longer a concern.
This might be a silly question but I walk Buddy on both sides of the street and since we both walk around the same areas, do I need to worry since both dogs probably made in the same places at one time or another.
I'm going to start reading about mange but figured while I'm looking it up, someone here can put my mind at ease. Is this a contagious thing? How would I know if Buddy had it?
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