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I much agree with your goal.

When I got my Puff, I saw that many treats had a number of ingredients I didn't like.

The commercial dried banana pieces had a number of preservatives and so did almost everything else.

So I bought a food dehydrator (Sunbeam brand, very economical) and for the first couple years dehydrated banana & apple slices, salmon (mistake -- it disintegrates into flakes), as well as other foods.

These worked very well as treats -- they're HEALTHY treats -- but they do take a bit of time.

After a year or so, since Puff is not allergic to wheat, I found that a few cookies from a bulk container of Animal Crackers worked well (VERY low kcals/high acceptance) and stopped using the dehydrator.

I think for an adequately complete diet, it would be VERY hard to match or beat some of the better providers. There are SO many values (protein, carbs, fat, fiber, vitamins, minerals, etc.) to match to equal an AAFCO statement that the food "provides complete and balanced nutrition for all life stages."

IMO,that's not easily done.

Getting neither too MUCH or too LITTLE of an ingredient becomes progressively more difficult the smaller the amount.

Measuring out 1% or 0.3% of a needed, necessary element is much easier in a batch made up and thoroughly mixed for one million dogs than it is for one dog.

A 3% error in measuring the quantity needed in the recipe for one million dogs makes an infinitessimal error in the amount each dog receives. But, for one dog, it becomes much larger.

The problems of accurately measuring so many critical elements would dissuade me from attempting to home cook my Lab's food.

I prefer to evaluate the ingredient lists and the integrity of the mfr and make my choices from that.
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