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We decided to go for a week in July instead of our usual 5 days. I always go with a college friend and we both take our parents. This year we are also going to bring our 15 & 16 year old nephews to see the NBA Summer League which is when all the rookies, young 1st and 2nd year players plus some vets who are rehabbing play.

We decided to stay here at the Desert Rose Resort and get 2-2 bedroom units as they are like apartments and no casino.http://www.shellhospitality.com/hotels/desert_rose/index.html

You can tell Vegas is hurting there is no talent booked in yet for that week other than the usual production shows every other year 60% of the talent was already known several months ahead.

None of us gamble a lot so the boys won't be any problem. We usually just get together hang out, go to a couple of shows, eat out and such. We will just make it very teen friendly this year.
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