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Lymphoma question (not my dogs)

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Sons girlfriend called me in tears lastnight. They think their lab, Dexter, has lymphoma. The reason they took him in in the first place was because he was drinking excessively. Drank so much that he peed inside. :( The vet checked him out and determined it was not kidney related. His blood work came back with an extremely elevated white blood cell count. They said his cells were actually mutated and deformed. He's going Monday for an ultrasound (I think an ultrasound?).

My question is - how exactly do they determine a dog has lymphoma? I was hoping it was just an infection somewhere that could be treated. Dexter is a rescue dog and he's only 4ish years old.
*Edited to add* He won't eat anything either.

Here's Dex when came to our house last year to play with Tuck and Frankie.
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oh no, Amy. I don't have the answer to your question about Lymphoma but I am hoping
the best for Dex.
I'm getting alot of good info off of Laura's site (thanks Laura!). I'm going to email her the links. Everything I'm reading doesn't say anything about excessive thirst though.
Amy, someone I know through some other boards had a dog with lymphomsarcoma. I don't know if this will help or not, but here's the link to her story. Please note, the story was written in 1996.

What a great story Sue, thanks! :)
Amy, have they or their vet checked the lymph nodes themselves? With Jordan, hers were quite noticeable, by touch and by feel. The ones just under her jaw were the biggest, in fact, mandarin orange sized at one point.

I hate lymphoma. I hate cancer period.
I emailed Sam this morning when I got to work because everything I've been reading says there should be lumps, either visibly or by feel. She said she checked him thoroughly and found nothing. That's why I was wondering how they diagose lymphoma because as far as I know, they've only done the blood test so far. The only thing that showed was the high blood cell count.
They diagnosed Darby with Lymphoma but in the end it wasn't. Doesn't really matter since she died within 4 days of being diagnosed.

Cancer sucks!!
I remember Laura. :'(
Oh poop. I just found this. :(
"Other dogs may have more severe signs such as weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea, excessive thirst or urination, weakness or difficulty breathing."
When my Teddy had it, he had a noticible lump in his neck, but no other symptoms. The vet said if not treated with chemo, he would get very sick soon and last about a month.
I am not 100% Amy, but I would think they could do ultrasounds to get an idea of what the tisue looks like in the areas?

And tell her not to try to worry too much before they're sure, it seems like excessive thirst and urination are symptoms for everything. (I am assuming diabetes was ruled out? did they check fructosamine or blood glucose levels?)
I'm sitting here at work depressed because my Dexter is in the hospital -- and I see a picture of him at his happiest, I can't tell you how excited I got seeing that. Thanks for giving me a much needed smile thru my tears.
Hi Kathy! So glad you joined. :)
Try to think positive until you have reason to otherwise. :angel:
Gosh I'm so sorry to hear about Dexter :(

He has my best thoughts and prayers.
DEXTER said:
I'm sitting here at work depressed because my Dexter is in the hospital -- and I see a picture of him at his happiest, I can't tell you how excited I got seeing that. Thanks for giving me a much needed smile thru my tears.
Kathy, hang in there. It sucks not knowing what the heck is going on, but hopefully they find something very soon. Dex has totally got my prayers and good thoughts.

Was the vet able to give you any indication when they might know what is going on with him?
Prayers for you and Dexter. He is a very handsome boy...

Welcome to the board! There are terrific folks here, and when things go awry with one of our beloveds, we are definitely a circle-the-wagons group who offers prayers and support.

We're all hoping for a good outcome for you and your guy! :)
Prayers and good thoughts to you and Dexter.
I hope she comes back to see this.
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