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LOST 5.8 - As Long As It Takes

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Cards on the table early here, recap-readers: This episode confused the hell out of me.


We begin at the well, after Locke has gone down and disappeared in a flash. At one timestop, we see Sawyer pulling the rope as it dead-ends into the ground. And the giant monolith is there. FLOOSH! The well is back but it's been filled in.

Down below, we see Locke standing up after his nasty fall (but where is Christian Shephard?? I'm so confused) and limping to the Giant Time Wheel. He jiggles the handle again, and all is well upstairs.

The Losties can 'feel' that they're okay -- meaning in a steady timestream -- because the headaches and nosebleeds are done.

Let's go back to the beach, shall we? Why? Well, it beats just standing there. Sawyer's goal is to await Locke's return, however long that takes. Props, btw, to Miles for snarking at James over the display of fine leadership skills.

On the trek back, they run into Daniel. He's lost his Charlotte in a slipstream of time and is bereft. He spends the rest of the ep babbling.

Marching through the jungle, they come upon a weird scene: Woman w/a bag over her head. Guy dead at her feet. Two other people taking her away.

Sawyer steps into the mess and the two would-be kidnappers are killed.

Woman is Amy, deadude is her husband. She tells the Losties that they must bury the bodies and take her husband, Paul, with them. They do.

And as they walk through the perimeter fence, all but Amy are zapped. She wore her earplugs. heh.

She's also pregnant. And we all know what that means on Craphole Isle.

Sawyer wakes up and is being tended to by Horace Goodspeed. The guy who delivered Ben Linus. The guy who build Jacob's cabin. Mathematician for Dharma.

Sawyer vamps with the truth, telling Horace that he and his peeps were lost at sea, that they're a scientific expediition looking for the Black Rock (trading ship we saw grounded a zillion episodes ago).

Horace says they're outta there on the next sub. Richard then pays a visit and is angry at Horace of the breakage of some apparent truce between the Hostiles and the Dharmies. Sawyer explains what really happened -- that the killing was accidental, or at least an action of self-defense -- and he freaks Richard out by knowing things about him that are out-of-time. Like the burial of the bomb, Jughead.

Richard is appeased and Horace agrees to let the Losties stay to wait for Locke.

We zip ahead three years (actually, the ep has been zipping back and forth along these three-year intervals for the whole hour). Sawyer has been accepted as LeFleur, his nom de plume, for quite some time now and has been given a job as security officer for Dharma. Jin, too. And Juliet is a mechanic (is there anything this gal can't do?).

Amy is in labor. She delivers a healthy (!!) baby boy. Everyone celebrates.

Sawyer has been living with Juliet for the three years of waiting. He professes to be completely over Kate when, ZING! the phone rings in the middle of the night. Sawyer takes off...


drives to a bluff...


where a familiar van approaches...




and out pop Jack, Hurley and...................

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I'm a little confused as well. But when they found the woman and dead guy Sawyer asked Faraday if they should interfer, and faraday said it didn't matter now because they were now in that time forever. I thought it meant that they were now stuck in that time and their being there would change everything anyway. :confused:

I loved the part when the two security guys had to wake up sawyer. I laughed out loud!
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