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Yeah, what the hell happened?
Daniel was in Cancun....
I have Daniel's cell phone # and over the last several months, when I see the forum's down, I call him and he usually gets it restored within an hour or two of his getting the message (although if I leave a voice mail, it's hard to know when he'll hear it -- he's in a busy residency program).

This time, I left a couple VMs but, when they produced no results,I e-mailed him (@ his g-mail addy, not the [email protected]) and he replied that he was in Cancun, Mexico, and wouldn't be back in the US until Monday. But he said he'd contact the company to reboot the forum. For whatever reason, there was such a long time with no forum reappearance that I e-mailed him several times over the following days saying there was still no JL forum -- the last time was about 9 AM CST (about 14:00 GMT) this morning.

All you who do not have the JL Backup Forum URL (which Daniel set up for emergencies such as this) please bookmark the link below so you can use it when needed:

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