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Hi everyone, I am new here and hoping someone can help/lead me in the right direction. My girl Harley is 3.5 years old and is from a reputable breeder. She loves nothing more to run on the beach and swim. About 9 months ago she limped after a day of playing. It went away in a day but comes back after exercise. We took it easy for about 4 months and changed her diet. She lost a few pounds and was running and swimming without any limp and thought it was fixed.

In the last 3 weeks the limp is back after exercise and seems worse. No weight on the leg at all after napping after exercise, then back to normal in 12 -48 hours. She also cannot control her blatter when the limp is bad and has accidents in her sleep.

We had x-rays done and everything looked great according to the vet. The vet did a very thorough exam on her back right leg and did not feel anything wrong nor did Harley resist any movement. Incontinence was was discussed but it does not seem to her condition. When she has pain in her leg she has accidents, they seem to be related but cannot figure out the real issue. Our Vet has an excellent reputation but maybe someone out here has been in a similar situation?

Is nerve damage a possibility? If so how can we determine and help.

We just want to do what is best for our best friend!
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