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Emilu is a horrible licker - I think it's part of her "nervousness", and also a submissive act. I never really tried to stop her when she was younger, and I don't mind if she licks me, but I know that other people don't like it, and they shoo her away. I think that you should just try to stop him from licking the baby, but not everyone else. Don't punish him, or yell at him, just start a "no lick" with the baby. Definietly let him sniff, maybe have him lay down and put the baby next to him , but "no lick" (people who have had actual babies might know better what to do here, I'm just making it up!) I know that you don't want to try to keep him from seeing the baby, or yell at him for licking the baby, but be firm that he is not to lick the baby.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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