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There has been a significant increase in lepto cases, mostly in Wichita I betieve, so I decided to get Tal and Barney vaccinated. They are doing great with it. We went for the Lepto vaccine, but the reason for this post was all the fun they had! I took them yesterday, and we were the only ones there (patients) at the time. I started to take my camera and wish I had...

When we were finished, I paid the bill and a former student of mine and her mom came in. The girl worked there last summer, and wanted to do the same for the upcoming summer. Well, Tal and Barney had a field day. They though it great all these folks showed up to play with them :eek: I looked over and Tal had gotten with the receptionist behind the counter...there he was, being hugged by the lady and head looking over the counter as he had his paws up on the desk. Then he came back out and climed up into a chair and sat down right in the middle of us. Barney was having a ball getting treats from everyone, to say nothing of all the cool smells around there. Maybe I should write my own version of Marley and Me! :rolleyes:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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