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Laura - Toby Today?

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Did you get out for your nice long ride out of the pasture? Any pictures?
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Yes I just got back. :happy: No pictures today. He and I worked on his riding manners so I needed both hands. Then I groomed him (no brushing), picking out his feet and doing his mane and tail. Then I picked up all the equipment he played with and tossed around. LOL

We didn't get the sun they promised so it was a dreary cold ride. They promise sun and 31° tomorrow so I'll try and get pictures of him tomorrow after our ride.
Dumb question probably, but do the dogs react to you for smelling like Toby ?
Not really Brenda. I think they're used to the horse smell from my working at the horse rescue. When I go out and ride, I wear flannel lined jeans. I change back into regular jeans as soon as I get home. Maybe that has something to do with their non-sniffing when I get home too.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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