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Rider intros were done at the other end of the arena (they bucked out of both ends). Do you recognize the guy all the way to the right of the pic? :vomit:

This was the biggest "pick up" horse I've ever seen. His rump was even with the second to top rail. It was very obvious watching him trot across the arena between bulls that he is definitely some kind of draft cross. It soon became obvious why they used such a big horse. Unlike the bulls in the PBR, these bulls didn't head to the out gate on their own. Not even when they were roped.

And some bull shots. Ken & Kole took a ton more. I need more time to go through and load them, tho.

I thought this was a neat shot. Kole has a good eye for "different" shots.

eta- YIKES! How could I forget these? Please, no comments on the "sick to my stomache" expression. Unless you're really fast with the camera, that's how all pictures of me come out lately. LOL

Ken wished he had brought the tripod so he could take a pic of the three of us. I simply walked up to two cowboys standing near us and asked one if he would mind doing it for us. He laughed and said he'd take a few because he isn't a good photographer. This is the best of the bunch.
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