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Can someone tell me exact what NEEDS folding? I used to wash/fold/put away faithfully. Then a friend told me that she never folds anything. There's just no reason.

Socks? why do they need folding?
underwear? why fold underwear?

Have you never gone and gotten a pair of underwear or undershirt or socks out of the dryer or basket and worn it? Same principle. Just take 'em out of the dryer and drop 'em in the drawers and wear 'em.

Been doing this for about 10 years and haven't once had anyone say to me, "Didn't you have time to iron your underwear?" or "Why are your socks so wrinkled?" :p

For the record, I do still fold towels, but just because it's practical. They fit on the shelves better folded. And I fold things that need folding to look nice like jeans.

Okay....back on topic! :p
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