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Labs amaze me...

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Daisy is just going to be 13 months and gosh is this girl wise and oh so smart. I have a 16 month old God-daughter that spends a lot of time with me. Daisy likes to be a bit jumpy and sometimes can get a little wild, but NEVER with Jenae. Right now Daisy is napping on the floor and Jenae crawled up to her and laid her head on Daisy's. I heard the 'thump-thump' of Daisy's tail and not once did Daisy move, just licked Jenae a bit.

Ealier Jenae was eating goldfish crackers and Daisy usually gets very excited for treats. But not this time, she just followed Jenae around quietly, waiting for her handouts, sitting nicely when Jenae turned to her, and taking the goodies from Jenae's fingers oh-so-gently!

Simply amazing!
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I grew up with a black female lab...a child couldn't ask for a better friend!!!
Yes they are, even as puppies. What other breed would you hold in your lap, 5 minutes after he chewed on the corner of your entertainment center?
Aww. My two were pretty funny on Christmas when my cousin and his wife brought over their baby, I think a little younger than Jenae. Abbey was so excited, but she curbed herself.. still wanted to give her all the kisses in the world, but she only got a couple in. ;) Kolby didn't really care either way, but he got some lovin from everyone.
Aren't they???? :eek:

My Lexi is a crazy person when my parents or uncle are around, she is even fully of excitement around my neighbor. But bring her almost 2 year old daughter or 5 year old son into the mix... she calms down.

I swear she knows when they are kids or the elderly.
They sure are smart :). Good girl Daisy!
It is truly something to see how smart they really are. good girl Daisy
Your story reminds of a time when Sammi was at that 9month crazy time of her life- we all remember right;) Well we took her to a BBQ at some friends- her and her buddy Wylie were playing like crazy! Then our friends 2 1/2 yr. old granddaughter came over, both dogs calmed down and were so gentle with her. I was so sure one of them would knock her over, but nope, infact when she was toddling around the yard she would hold on to them to steady herself:) It was sweet picture for sure!
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