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Hi All.
New to the forum and glad to be here!

I was hoping to get some advice regarding my Labrador pup coloration (not that it bothers me it just makes for an interesting conversation)

When I picked her up from the breeder she was one of the only mixed colors in her litter. Her brothers and sisters were all full black with a white spot on their chest, yet she had a weird mix of black and brown layered fur with a black snout(see pictures)
The father was a brown Labrador retriever and the mother a black Labrador according to the breeder (I did see the parents and they looked very much like regular Labradors)

Now at 6 months she seems to have changed color to a mix of cream/golden brown/fox red with a black snout and black eyebrows. I am wondering if perhaps one of the parents were crossed with possibly a Golden retriever somwhere down the line? Has anyone ever seen such a case? She is beautiful, see her pictures below.


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