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The Labrador Life Line 2009 Cyber Show officially begins TODAY at 5pm PST!

Last year we had a record number of entries...over 200 photos! I know we can do better than that this year and set a new record in 2009! Only YOU can help us do that!

Award Categories include our Fun classes & Breed classes (see list below):

Fun Classes include:
Extreme Labs
Labs At Play
Labs With People
Labs With Other Animals
Labby Families
Smiling Labs
Play Ball
Swimming Labs
Labs and Their Favorite Toys
Picture Perfect Poses
Holiday Labs
Bat Dog
Biggest Tongue
Puppy Spirit
Funniest Sleeping Positions
Not JUST Labs (all pets welcome)
Working Dogs (NEW for 2009)

Breed classes include:
Puppy, Dog Under 12 months
Puppy, ***** Under 12 months
Dog 12-18 months
***** 12-18 months
Open Dog
Open *****
Veteran, 7 Years and Older

Winners from these classes will receive a special ribbon. Best of Breed and Best of Fun winners will receive petsmart gift cards and also compete for the coveted title of Best in Show and a fabulous gift basket!!!!

Please read Cyber Show rules and regulations here:

Then, to register, please visit:

You will receive a confirmation registration email which you will need to open to begin entering photos.

Thank you for supporting Labrador Life Line! We look forward to seeing ALL of your dogs in the Cybershow!

Permission to crosspost freely given and encouraged--let others know about the Show!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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