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Hi Sandy and Friends,

We have a 5-year-old spayed female Labradoodle in our shelter (high-kill) and are hoping to find a rescue to stand by to take her if she is not adopted by Sunday, 7/5. She was formerly owned by a gentleman who became homeless and was more or less supported by various residents in a small rural community near the TN border for about a year, while he did painting and other handyman work. Eventually, they were able to raise funds to get him moved to family out of state, although they were not able to invite his dog “Sandy” along. The neighbors held her for as long as they could but finally took her to the County shelter under a 4-day stray hold, in hopes that she would be adopted or find a rescue. She will be in jeopardy by Sunday afternoon.

We can help transport Sandy if you have a place for her or could recommend perhaps a Labradoodle rescue? I am told that the spokesman neighbor was given papers on her parents, father being a Lab and Mom a Standard Poodle.

Sandy has had a Bordatella and DHPP vaccination and only needs her rabies and a HW test and she’ll be ready for adoption. I will try to get better photos of Sandy today. Thanks for having a look.

Donna Lindsey

Breed Rescue

Haywood Co., NC



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