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From the LABMED Board of Directors:

We are pleased to announce that LABMED is again open for business and
taking applications to help defray medical expenses for rescued Labs.
We regret that we had to close for several months, but it was the
best option for the organization and the dogs we strive to help.

During those months of closure, we reorganized our committees,
elected new officers, added new Board interns, and saw our treasury
replenished to the point that we could open again. Now that we are
open, our challenge is to ensure that we remain open. To that end we
are developing new fund-raising ideas, mounting a new donation drive,
and discussing ways to more effectively use our funds.

Please help us fulfill our mission of helping the unfortunate dogs
that need and deserve a second chance for a good life. Support our
new donation drive that we will kick off this week, visit our new
Ebay store opening soon, visit our Web site and shop with us, or
participate in our Fund-a-Lab program where you get to choose the
type of Lab to help.

We cannot do it without you. If you cannot help financially, you can
help by spreading the word to your friends, co-workers, neighbors,
and family. Working together, we can make sure that LABMED will
continue to help Labs for many years to come.

Dianne Walsh
LABMED President
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