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Hey Labby, I wrote to Taste of the Wild and asked about ethoxyquin being used in the fish meal they purchase for the Pacific Stream variety.

This is the response I received just now:

Dear Jackie,

The preservation systems used by our vendors are all legal, but are
considered by them to be proprietary information. However, we know that the
heat from our pet food process destroys whatever antioxidants are used in
the ingredients that we purchase. After the heat process (extrusion and
drying), we apply natural tocopherols (Vitamin E) in order to carry the
shelf life of the food. Taste of the Wild does not preserve any of its
products with ethoxyquin, only with mixed tocopherols.

There is a law that requires fish meal to be preserved with ethoxyquin. The
following is a link to that law:


Dr. Brookshire
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