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Hi everyone, this is my first post on this forum but I need help
I have a 7 year old labrador Bella and she is a nightmare with stealing food. She know she is being naughty as she only does it when nobody is around but she raids the bin, anything on the counters is gone even wrapped up presents that are edible(in taped shut gift bags too!) get destroyed and she eats the wrappers too and nothing that we try to teach her is working. Of course I try my best to not leave anything about but it seems she just finds new ways to pinch things.
I love her too the moon and back and I am very concerned for her health because of the amount of chocolate and other non dog-friendly foods she is eating, and all the plastic wrappers she ingests!
This is almost becoming a nightly occurrence, and when she eats food like this, she leaks urine whilst she is asleep. We have had lots of tests done and many urine samples by the vet and they say it is very diluted and that it is normal but it is still worrying too see.
She is truly the best dog ever and is great with the obedience training/tricks etc that I do with her but I’m reluctant to do training sessions and give her more treats when she has been up all night eating, well anything she can get her hands on
Any help would be very much appreciated, I just really don’t know how I can help her
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