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OOPS, I meant to post this in Odds and Ends

I don''t have any updated pictures but I will try to take some tonight. So far all the kittens are doing well. I was concerned with their lack of pooping so I took them to the vet.
I took them to a different vet than we use for Elias and our cats. Our vet is very expensive and I just couldn't afford to take these 4 kittens there.
By the time I took them there 3 of the 4 had gone, but I figured better to be safe than sorry. They only charged me $10 and told me they were fine, as long as they were eating.
Today the first one opened it's eyes. One eye is open, the other is almost there!
AND I have homes ready for all of them! All people who I know will have them spayed and neutered.
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