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It's been a wild ride, i have to say...

Today, at 4:40pm we head to the vet's to get the stitches out.. the incision itself looks great.. all healed and no more dark red spots or anything.. i'm quite pleased with that aspect.

Her leg is still quite swollen.. i hate looking at it, it reminds me of the horrible mess that happened this weekend.. and i find it difficult to judge if it's gone down at all when i stare at it all day long.

I need to take more pictures to get a good comparison, i think.

So the family vet will get a first hand look at it today for the first time.. which i'm looking forward to. I'm curious to hear her opinion.

Since she saw the pics, and hasn't seen it since.. i think she'll be able to see a difference if there is one.

*fingers crossed*
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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