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Kel, I got mine already!!

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I ordered the Bare Essentials yesterday and it was on my doorstep today! :eek: I paid for regular shipping and it said 3-5 days. I guess it'll take alot longer to get to Canada though, huh? :-\

I suppose Saturday is the best day to try it out. :)
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That was fast! I'd like to try that. I've heard so much about it. Where did you order it from? QVC?
No, Sephora, Sephoria, whatever it's called. I never heard of it before Kelli told me about it. It's a pretty small sampling for $60 though, I hope it goes far. :-\
Yeah.. it's in Canada.. but our post office is closed until tuesday so it won't move until then which means i'll get it Thursday(ish).
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