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Last night Kayla and Charlie were playing??? I think they were playing anyway. I want to get a video of them doing this and post it so I can see if they truly are playing. Her tail was wagging but it was sort of a apprehensive wag. The puppy kept going on and on and wasn't afraid of her, so I assumed it was playing.

Anyway, I was watching and it seemed a little rough to me, but I just kept observing to see how they were acting with each other. The next thing I knew, Charlie went tearing under the couch yelping and crying. I was so afraid that Kayla actually hurt him bad. I was expecting to find him bleeding or something broken. But when I got him out and insected him all over, everything was fine. He whimpered a little bit longer though, even when I picked him up.

Any idea what might have happened? I am thinking she probably nipped at him. He was mouthing her pretty good.
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